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Protecting Data
2. To prevent unauthorized users from
unprotecting the sheet, type a password in the
Password to Unprotect Sheet box. Passwords
are case-sensitive.
Insert Columns: Allows users to insert
new columns.
Insert Rows: Allows users to insert
new rows.
3. In the Allow All Users of This Worksheet To
section, select the options you want to allow:
Insert Hyperlinks: Allows users to add
Select Locked Cells: Allows users to
click on a locked cell (they still can’t
change its contents though).
Delete Columns: Allows users to
remove columns.
Delete Rows: Allows users to remove
Select Unlocked Cells: Allows users to
click on unlocked cells, or to press Tab
to move to one.
Sort: Allows users to sort and filter
unlocked cells.
Format Cells: Allows users to apply
formatting or conditional formats to cells.
Use AutoFilter: Allows users to change
the settings on a filtered list.
Use PivotTable Reports: Allows users
to manipulate PivotTable data and
create new PivotTable reports.
Using the Format Cells Option
If the Format Cells option is not enabled,
and you applied conditional formats that
should change because of a user entry,
those formats will not change. For example,
suppose you applied conditional formats to
a range of cells that change to red if the net
profits calculated in those cells become
negative. If a user enters a value elsewhere
in the sheet that results in a negative net
profit for one of these cells, and you have
not selected the Format Cells option here,
the result cell will not turn red as you might
Edit Objects: Allows users to make
changes to charts, shapes, and other
objects, and to add or edit comments.
If this setting is turned off and a user
changes data in an unlocked cell that
affects a chart, the chart will change.
Edit Scenarios: Allows users to add
and change scenarios.
4. Click OK.
5. If you entered a password in Step 2, the
Confirm Password dialog box appears and
you’re prompted to confirm the password
by retyping it. Do so and click OK. The
worksheet is immediately protected. You can
repeat this process with other sheets if you
Format Columns: Allows users to
adjust column widths and hide columns.
Format Rows: Allows users to adjust
row heights and hide rows.
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