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Marking a Workbook as Final
To mark a workbook as final, follow these steps:
After you mark a workbook as final, it is ready
to be shared. When a user opens the workbook,
he or she will see a warning that indicates the
workbook is read-only. The warning appears on
the InfoBar, located just above the Formula bar,
as shown in Figure 13-12. A user can view the
workbook and print it as needed. The user can
also override this warning, disable the Mark as
Final status, and make changes anyway. To disable
the Marked as Final status and enable editing,
click the Edit Anyway button on the InfoBar.
1. Click the File tab to display Backstage.
2. Select Info from the list on the left to display
the Information options on the right.
3. Click the Protect Workbook button and select
Mark as Final from the pop-up menu.
4. Click OK to confirm your decision to mark
the workbook as final.
5. A warning appears, telling you that the
workbook has been marked as final. Click OK
to continue.
Marked as Final
6. Click the Home tab to view the worksheet.
You can tell that the workbook has been
successfully marked as “final” because a Marked
as Final indicator now appears on the status
bar, as shown in Figure 13-11.
Close it since you are done with it.
Marked as Final
Figure 13-12
A warning appears in workbooks that
are marked as final.
Figure 13-11
Mark your workbook as final to help
prevent further changes.
Mark as Final Is Removed
Using Older Excel Versions
If a user overrides the warning, disables a
workbook’s final status, and later saves
the workbook (whether or not the user made
any changes), the workbook’s Mark as Final
status is permanently removed.
If a user opens a read-only 2010 Excel
workbook in an earlier version of Excel, the
read-only status is not retained and the user
will not be prevented from making changes.
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