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Exploring Excel
Galleries: A Gallery is most often a
collection of related formatting options.
For instance, in Figure 1-7, clicking the
down arrow next to the Themes command
button on the Page Layout tab displays a
preview of all themes that can be applied
to your document. Make a selection
from the gallery or click the arrow again
to close the gallery. Themes are discussed
further in Chapter 5, “Making the
Worksheet Look Good.”
Introducing the Backstage View
New to Office 2010 applications is the
introduction of a Backstage view of the documents you
are working with. The Backstage view is a
collection of the commands you use to open a new
or existing document. You will also find the
commands you might use as you are exiting a
document. For instance, commands related to
saving, printing, protecting, versioning, and
storing properties about your document. None
of these commands affect the appearance of the
document and affect the whole file, not just a
portion of the file. To access Excel’s Backstage
view, choose the File tab on the Ribbon. Let’s
take a look at some of the things you can do
from this new view.
Info tab: Illustrated in Figure 1-8, the
Info tab can be used to establish security
options for the file, like requiring a
password to open the file, or protecting the
file from changes to the formatting. You
can also record data about your files. You
will learn more about these features later
in this chapter.
Figure 1-7
The Themes Gallery shows you all themes
that can be applied to your document.
Figure 1-8
Excel 2010’s File tab gives you access
to the new Backstage view.
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