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Considering Your Collaboration Options
It’s Good to Share…Sometimes
When you turn Track Changes on, your workbook becomes shared. This means that anyone can open
and edit it (which may be what you want), but anyone can also turn Track Changes off, which would
cause you to lose all the information on the changes made to the workbook. To prevent this, click the
Protect Shared Workbook command on the Review tab, and click the Sharing with Track Changes
option within the resulting Protect Shared Workbook dialog box. Click OK to close the dialog box and
confirm the protection, and later, if desired, click the Unprotect Shared Workbook command to turn
this protection off. We’ll discuss more about how to protect your workbooks from undesired viewing or
editing later in this chapter.
Figure 14-3
Set the When, Who, and Where for how your
workbook’s changes will be tracked.
Figure 14-2
Choose to Highlight Changes from within
the Track Changes command menu.
And speaking of turning Track Changes off, to
do so, just re-select Highlight Changes from the
Review tab’s Track Changes command
dropdown menu, and in the dialog box shown in
Figure 14-3, uncheck the Highlight Changes
While Editing checkbox, and then click OK.
Track Changes is now off, and any changes
made while Track Changes was on are kept, but
are no longer highlighted as changed, and you
no longer have the ability to go through all
changes and accept or reject them (I’ll discuss
how to do this later on in this chapter).
After selecting Highlight Changes, the dialog
box shown in Figure 14-3 appears. Click the
checkbox next to Track Changes While Editing.
This activates the rest of the dialog box, where
you can choose from a series of options that
determine exactly how Track Changes will work.
You can, however, simply check the Track
Changes While Editing checkbox, and click OK—
the defaults (monitoring all cells in the workbook,
made by everyone, from now until Track Changes
is turned off) are just fine for most users.
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