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Considering Your Collaboration Options
If you do want to customize Track Changes, here
are the settings you can use to do it:
When. This option, which is checked
(turned on) by default, allows you to
specify which changes will be tracked—
those made since the last time you saved,
those changes that have not yet been
reviewed, all changes (meaning no matter
when they’re made), or changes since a
particular date. Note the ellipsis after the
“Since Date...” option, which, if chosen,
inserts the current date, but you can edit
it as shown in Figure 14-4. All is the
default setting.
It’s important for you to know how to
turn off Track Changes, right at the
beginning of this discussion, so that
you aren’t stuck working in Track
Changes mode if you don’t want to be.
It’s important to note, however, that if
you turn off Track Changes without
reviewing any changes made while it
was on, you won’t be able to tell what
was changed and you won’t be able to
go back to the way things were before
any particular change was made.
Therefore, I don’t recommend turning
off Track Changes unless you literally
don’t care what changes were made
and want to keep all of them or you’ve
already done your review of all changes
and kept the ones you want.
Figure 14-4
If you choose “Since Date...”the system date is inserted
by default, but you can edit it by retyping some or
all of the values for the month, day, and/or year.
Choosing Which Changes
to Track
As shown in the Highlight Changes dialog box
in Figure 14-3, you can easily, and thoroughly,
customize how Track Changes works. You don’t
need to make any selections from the following
options, however, as the default settings were
designed to meet the needs of most users and
most situations.
Who. When you check this option,
you can choose between Everyone and
Everyone But Me. This is useful if you
know you’ll be continuing to work on
the data, but are really only interested
in the contributions of others on your
team. Everyone is the default.
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