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Considering Your Collaboration Options
Editing with Track Changes
While Track Changes is on, you don’t have to do
anything special when editing the worksheet—
just work along as you would normally, adding,
removing, and changing cell content. You’ll
notice, however, as shown in Figure 14-7, that
whenever you edit a cell that’s within the tracked
range of cells, that a blue triangle appears in the
upper-left corner of the cell. You don’t need to
do anything with that as you work, just know
that as discussed, you can mouse over a cell and
see the Track Changes information about what
changes were made, by whom, and when.
Figure 14-8
Highlighting tracked cells is an option
you can easily turn off.
If you find it distracting to have the triangles
appear in the corners of edited cells while Track
Changes is on—or if you fear your collaborators
will find it distracting—you can turn off the
highlighting, while still keeping Track Changes on.
Listing Tracked Changes
in a New Sheet
Track Changes in Excel 2010 offers a powerful
tool to enhance the collaborative process. The
History sheet, shown in Figure 14-9, allows you
to see every change made, including which cell
was edited, who made the edit, what the previous
content of that cell was and what it is now. Note
that if a single user makes a series of changes to
a single cell, only his or her last change will be
listed—if several individuals make changes,
however, all of those changes (the last one for each
person) will be listed.
1. With Track Changes already on, choose Track
Changes from the Review tab on the Ribbon.
2. Select Highlight Changes from the
dropdown menu.
3. In the resulting dialog box, turn off the
checkbox next to the Highlight Changes On
Screen option. Figure 14-8 shows the dialog
box in place, with a range of cells selected
behind it.
To create the History sheet for your workbook,
follow these steps—it’s assumed that Track
Changes is on and has been on, and that edits
have been made.
4. Click OK.
5. Track Changes remains on, but no
highlighting will appear as you work.
1. Save your workbook. Excel will only create a
History sheet for saved changes, and you can
save by pressing Ctrl+S, or choosing File >
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