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Considering Your Collaboration Options
Accepting and Rejecting
Collaborative Changes
The process of accepting and/or rejecting edits
made by a team of contributors can be performed
while Track Changes is still in use, or at the end
of the collaborative process, just before turning
Track Changes off. You can accept or reject
changes on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis, at
any interval that works for you. Once you’ve
accepted or rejected a change, the cell/s are no
longer highlighted (with that blue triangle you’ve
seen so much in this chapter), and the cell will
only be highlighted again if a change is made
subsequent to the acceptance or rejection of its
current content.
3. In the resulting Select Changes to Accept or
Reject dialog box, shown in Figure 14-13,
choose which changes you want to deal with.
Your choices are:
Figure 14-13
The Select Changes to Accept or Reject dialog box
allows you to fine-tune your reviewing process.
When. This is selected by default, and
set to Not Yet Reviewed. You can also
choose Since Date...from the drop-down
menu for this option, and then either
accept the automatically inserted system
date, or edit that date to create a date
value that works for your purposes.
To accept or reject tracked changes, follow these
1. In the workbook in which Track Changes is
on, click the Review tab on the Excel Ribbon.
Who. This is not selected by default,
and if you leave it off, the reviewing
process that follows will allow you
to review and then accept or reject
everyone’s changes. The choices are
Everyone, Everyone But Me, and you
(your name, or the name of the person
under whose name Excel was installed,
2. Click the Track Changes command, and
choose Accept/Reject Changes from the
drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 14-12.
Where. Also not selected by default,
this setting allows you to confine your
reviewing process to just some of the
cells in your workbook. When not
turned on, this setting will include all
edited cells, on all worksheets in the
workbook, in the reviewing process.
Figure 14-12
Return to the Review tab to begin the process
of accepting or rejecting the changes you
and your team have made to the workbook.
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