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Using Comments in Collaboration
Using Comments in Collaboration
Comments in an Excel workbook serve
the same purpose as a whisper in your ear,
providing some useful aside related to whatever
you’re looking at or discussing at the time. For
example, if you’re in a meeting and the person
sitting next to you decides you’d benefit from
having some quick piece of information relevant
to the topic at hand, he or she might whisper it
to you so as to provide the information without
disrupting the meeting. Comments work the
same way. If someone—you or a team member
also contributing to the workbook’s content—
believes that there’s some background or
otherwise useful information about a particular cell
that should be made available, a comment can
be added to the cell, and viewed without
disrupting use of the worksheet. Figure 14-15
shows a comment, displayed by moving your
cursor over a cell into which someone has
placed a comment.
Adding Comments
To add a comment to your workbook, simply
right-click on any cell, and choose Insert
Comment. As shown in Figure 14-16, a small
yellow box appears, with the user’s name in it
and a blinking cursor, awaiting the typed
comment the user intends to add. It’s that simple!
Address of Commented Cell
Also Appears on Status Bar
Figure 14-16
Insert your comment quickly and easily—from a word
or two to entire paragraphs of text.
Figure 14-15
Other than temporarily obscuring adjacent cells while
displayed, Comments can be a handy way of
providing useful information about the content of a cell.
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