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Using Comments in Collaboration
The Comment Pertaining to Cell
F11 Can Now Be Edited
You can also use the Review tab’s New Comment
button to add a comment to any cell. Just click
in the cell you want to comment on, and click the
New Comment button. The same yellow box
shown in Figure 14-16 appears, and you can type
inside the box. When you’ve finished typing the
comment, simply click anywhere outside it to
complete the comment and continue working.
Although the user’s name appears in the
yellow box by default, that text can also
be edited or removed entirely.
Figure 14-17
Choose to edit any comment using the pop-up menu.
Editing and Deleting Comments
Once comments are added, regardless of your
insertion method, you can edit them easily:
To get rid of a comment you no longer want, click
in the cell that has the unwanted comment and
either click the Delete button in the Comments
group of the Review tab, or right-click the cell and
choose Delete Comment from the pop-up menu.
Click the Edit Comment button on
the Review tab. If you click on a cell
with a comment associated with it, the
New Comment button becomes an Edit
Comment button, and clicking it activates
your cursor in the yellow comment box
for that cell. Just edit the text as you would
any other text box, using Backspace or
Delete as needed, and/or selecting and
replacing text with your mouse and
There is no “did you really want to do
that?” prompt that appears, so make
your comment deletions with care. You
can use Undo to bring them back (click
the Undo button on the Quick Access
toolbar, or press Ctrl+Z), but if you don’t
catch the error or realize you needed to
keep that comment until after you’ve
ended your Excel session, you won’t be
able to bring the deleted comment back.
Right-click any cell with a comment ,
and choose Edit Comment from the
pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 14-17.
Note that a floating formatting toolbar
also appears, offering tools to change the
font, size, color, and style of the text in
the active cell.
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