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Using Comments in Collaboration
To do so, follow these steps to apply formatting
to the comment text:
The Review Tab’s Options
1. Find the cell with the comment you want to
The Review tab’s Comments group also
contains Previous and Next buttons, which
allow you to move through all the comments
in a workbook, one at a time, reviewing each
one. You can also hide your comments (click
the Show/Hide Comment button), or choose
to see them all at once by clicking the Show
All Comments button. Figure 14-18 shows
all the comments on a particular sheet,
displayed simultaneously.
2. Click the commented cell to activate it. The
comment appears.
3. Click the Show/Hide Comment button on
the Review tab. The comment for this cell is
now displayed and won’t disappear if you
move away from the cell.
4. Move your mouse onto the comment box,
and select the text you want to reformat.
5. Right-click your mouse in the selection.
6. Choose Format Comment from the pop-up
menu, as shown in Figure 14-19.
Figure 14-18
Part of the collaboration process can include
viewing others’ comments—and you can see
them all at once, if you’d like to.
Formatting Comments
Although most of the time, comments are just
fine in the default font (Tahoma, 8 points) in the
little yellow boxes, you may find that you want
to add some emphasis to one or more words in a
comment, or to make an entire comment stand
out from the rest.
Figure 14-19
Right-click the selected comment text to access
the Format Comment command.
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