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Validating Excel Worksheet Content
The Format Comment dialog box opens, as
shown in Figure 14-20, through which you
can choose a new font, font style, size,
underline, color, and any special effects for the text
in the comment box.
8. Once you like the preview and are sure that’s
what you want your comment text to look
like, click OK.
9. Click the Show/Hide Comment button (on
the Review tab) to toggle this fixed display
of the current comment off. The comment
disappears as soon as you move away from
the cell to which it pertains.
Figure 14-20
Looking just like the Format Cells dialog box Font
tab, the Format Comment dialog box allows you to
change the appearance of your comment text.
Validating Excel Worksheet Content
When you’re the only one populating
an Excel worksheet with data, it’s not too likely
that the wrong data will be entered. You’re not
going to forget that the entries into the Date
Hired column in an employees list have to include
the year, or that only numeric content can be
entered into the Price column in an inventory
list. On the other hand, if you have other people
helping you flesh out your worksheet, it can be
really helpful to provide some guidance for them,
so that the resulting content is accurate and
reliable and the time saved by having helpers isn’t
canceled out by having to go back and fix their
Excel makes it easy to provide this type of
guidance, through Data Validation tools, found on
the Data tab. As shown in Figure 14-21, the Data
Tools group of the Data tab offers validation
commands as well as a way to look for duplicate
Data Validation
Figure 14-21
Look to the Data tab’s Data Tools group for help in
creating consistency in the data entry process.
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