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Validating Excel Worksheet Content
if it was valid according to the established
validation rules. It’s up to the users to try again or
to move to another cell, perhaps one that’s not
subject to validation rules.
If you want to customize the error message to be
more informative, you can easily do so. You can
also make the rules more flexible, allowing invalid
data to be entered, with a less rigid response from
Excel indicating that there’s a problem with the
value entered. Here are your options and how to
use them:
Figure 14-24
Control the acceptable values for the cells
you wish to validate.
Input Message. In the Data Validation
dialog box (opened by choosing Data
Validation from the Data Validation
dropdown menu in the Data Tools group of
the Data tab), you can click the Input
Message tab and enter your own message,
including a title for the message title bar
and the body of the message, with as
much or as little guidance as you feel is
needed. Whatever message you type here
will appear whenever a cell in the selected
range is active—it won’t wait for an error
to be made. Figure 14-26 provides an
example of the kind of message you
might use.
8. Click OK. The rules for the selected range
are now in place, and you can test them by
making an entry that doesn’t fit your
requirements. Figure 14-25 shows the error message
that appears if you only use the Settings tab
and don’t customize the rule beyond
establishing allowed values/data types for a range
of cells.
Figure 14-25
A very stern default warning appears
when validation rules are violated.
As shown in the error message displayed in
Figure 14-25, Excel takes your validation rules
very seriously, and won’t allow a breach of those
rules. The user who attempts to enter an invalid
value will be stopped and forced to retry or
cancel. If the users choose Retry, the cell’s contents
are selected, awaiting replacement, and the
users can try again. If users choose Cancel, the
cell is emptied or reverted to the previous entry,
Figure 14-26
A gentle reminder that only numbers
between .5 and 20.5 are permitted in the
Sales Totals range is easy to set up.
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