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Importing and Exporting Your Excel Content
Select All Box
Figure 14-34
The Select All box selects all the records in the table,
even if there aren’t any yet, as in this case.
Figure 14-33
Select your Excel worksheet content,
readying it for the trip to Access.
5. Right-click any selected cell in the Access
table, and choose Paste from the pop-up
menu (you can also use the Paste command
in the Home tab). A prompt appears asking if
you’re sure you want to paste the records, to
which you should reply by clicking the Yes
button. Your table is created, complete with
the headings (now field names) from your
Excel worksheet, as shown in Figure 14-35.
3. Switch over to Access, and in your open
database, click the Create tab, and then click the
Table button. A table, blank except for an ID
column, awaits data, as shown in Figure 14-34.
4. Click the Select All box (as indicated in
Figure 14-34) to select every cell in the
Access table.
Figure 14-35
An instant Access table, courtesy of an
existing Excel worksheet.
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