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Creating a PivotTable
To place the fields on these sections of the
PivotTable, drag them, as shown in Figure 15-5,
from the PivotTable Field List into the four section
boxes in the lower-right side panel. As shown in
the figure, the field name follows your mouse as
you drag, and you just release your mouse when
the box is hovering over the section where you
want to drop it. As fields are added to these
boxes, which represent sections in the table, a
check appears in the box next to the field name,
and the field name appears in bold type. Figure
15-6 shows the completed PivotTable, with
Department in the Filter Fields section, Job Title
in the Column Fields, Last Name in the Row
Fields, and Salary in the Value Fields section.
You can also drag the field names from
the PivotTable Field List directly onto the
table itself, dropping them into the
sections that say “Drop ____ Fields Here.”
This causes the table to build as you drop
the fields into it, allowing you to see your
results immediately.
If you change your mind about a field you’ve
added—either to the four area boxes in the right
panel or to the table’s Drop x Fields areas (where
x is Row, Column, Filter, or Value)—you can
remove any field simply by dragging it back out
of the boxes/sections. Once removed, the field is
no longer bold or checked in the PivotTable Field
List, and you’re free to drop it into a different
box/section or to choose a different field for use
in the table.
If you want a chance to review which
fields are dropped into which section
before seeing the PivotTable created,
click the Delay Layout Update checkbox
at the bottom-right panel (beneath the
four area boxes). Once you’re ready to
see your PivotTable created, click the
Update button.
Drag Fields Here to
Add to Table
Checked Fields Are
in PivotTable
Figure 15-6
A completed PivotTable shows the salaries
paid to each person in each Department,
organized by Job Title. You drag fields into or
out of the boxes in the lower-right to add them
to or remove them from the PivotTable.
Figure 15-5
Drag and drop, field by field, to build your PivotTable.
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