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Sorting and Filtering PivotTable Data
The Sort dialog box (whose title bar includes the
name of the field you were in at the time you
opened the dialog box, as shown in Figure 15-17),
allows you to sort in the following ways:
Manual. This first option is not on by
default, but it can be handy if you don’t
want a traditional ascending or
descending order sort. If you turn this option on,
you are then free to drag records within
the list (horizontal or vertical) of records
for that field, creating a totally customized
order. You might be ordering them by
priority, preference, or some other quality
that’s not dictated by the first letter or a
numerical value.
Figure 15-18
Choose whether Excel will automatically sort
your records each time the PivotTable is updated
with new or changed data from your list.
Ascending (A to Z). This option allows
you to click the drop-down arrow to
choose a field to sort in ascending order.
Descending (Z to A). This does the
opposite with the field you select from
the drop-down menu—it sorts it in
descending order.
Another way to quickly sort your
PivotTable content—say a column of
names or numbers—is to switch over to
the Data tab on the ribbon, and use the
A–Z or Z–A buttons in the Sort & Filter
section of the ribbon. Just make sure
one of the cells in the desired column is
active, and then use the buttons to apply
the sort. This can be faster than clicking
a drop-down menu and then choosing a
command from a menu, especially if you
want to try sorting both ways—ascending
and then descending—before deciding
how you want the list ordered.
Summary. This area simply describes the
sort you’ve chosen.
More Options. Click this button to display
the dialog box shown in Figure 15-18,
through which you can use AutoSort to
automatically re-sort the report each time
you update it with new data, or if you turn
AutoSort off, you can sort by calculated
field values. You will rarely, if ever, need
these options, so you’d only ever open
this dialog box to access the AutoSort
option to turn it on or off.
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