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Moving Around the Excel Screen
Using the Ribbon
You can use the Go To command to activate a
specific cell or area of the worksheet. The Ribbon
command for executing the Go To command is
Home > Editing > Find & Select > Go To. When
the Go To dialog box opens, enter the cell address
into the Reference box and click the OK button
(see Figure 1-11).
Figure 1-11
The Go To dialog box.
Ribbon Commands
Using the Go To command in this manner is
exactly the same as typing the cell address in
the Name box, however, the Go To command
remembers any previous cell addresses that you
had entered, which makes returning to specific
areas of a worksheet a breeze.
Ribbon commands are easy to follow.
The first term (Home) is the tab name, the
second term (Editing) is the group name.
The last term (Go To) is the command name.
If, as in this case, the Ribbon command
includes a third term (Find & Select), click
the arrow next to the option to open the
gallery and find the final command.
You can also use a keyboard shortcut to open
the Go To dialog box. Press the F5 key, or the
Ctrl+G key combination to display this dialog
box directly.
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