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Creating a PivotChart
Most people choose to leave their PivotChart on
the same worksheet as the PivotTable itself, but
if your table and/or chart are large, you may
choose to separate them onto individual sheets.
To move your PivotChart to a new worksheet,
simply create the sheet (click the Insert button
on the Home tab and choose Insert Sheet from
the menu) and then copy the PivotChart from its
current location to that sheet. The connection
between the PivotTable and its PivotChart will
remain intact—regardless of which sheet the
chart moves to.
Consider Changing the Chart
Type when Your Data Changes
Be prepared to change your chart type if you
make significant changes to the PivotTable,
and you can easily do that by clicking the
Change Chart Type button (first button on
the PivotChart Tools’ Design tab). This will
open a Change Chart Type dialog box, which
is identical to the Insert Chart dialog box
shown in Figure 15-23. Pick a chart type to
change to, and click OK.
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