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Entering Excel Data
Fill Handle
4. To AutoFill a series of numbers, you need
to enter two data items, not just one. If you
enter 1 and 2 in two adjacent cells, select the
cells, and then drag the fill handle, Excel will
fill the selected cells with 3, 4, 5, and so on.
If you enter 2 and 4, Excel will fill the adjacent
cells with 6, 8, 10, and so on. Remember to
highlight both cells before you drag the fill
You can use also use the AutoFill feature
with any sequence that begins with a label
and ends with a value, such as Quarter 1 or
Inning 1. Excel will leave the label intact
and continue the number series. Quarter 1
extends to Quarter 2, Quarter 3, and so on.
Figure 1-14
Using AutoFill for the months of the year.
AutoFill Repeats Your Data
Apart from the special cases mentioned
previously, if you use AutoFill on a single
data item, Excel repeats it in the selected
cells. For example, if you use AutoFill on
a cell with the word Bunny , all filled cells
contain the word Bunny.
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