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Selecting Cells on a Spreadsheet
To select several adjacent columns, you first
have to select a cell from each of the desired
columns and then use the Ctrl+Spacebar
keyboard shortcut. The same is true if you are trying
to select multiple rows: first select cells from
the required rows, and then use the keyboard
Figure 1-16
Adjacent rows have been selected in this cell range.
If you accidently select a cell that you
don’t want to be included in your final
cell range, you need to clear the entire
selection. To do so, release the Ctrl key
and click any non-selected cell. Then
start your selection process again.
Using a Keyboard
Keeping both hands on the keyboard to select
cell ranges may save time and productivity. Table
1-2 demonstrates some keyboard shortcuts you
can use in Excel 2010.
Table 1-2 Keyboard Shortcuts for Selecting Cell Ranges
Selects multiple cells, in any direction, that are adjacent to your starting point.
Selects the entire column.
Selects the entire row.
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