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Editing a Worksheet
Editing a Worksheet
No matter how good we think we
are, we all make mistakes. Typos are a given when
you are dealing with large amounts of data. So,
how do you fix them? Obviously, you can click in
any offending cell and retype the entry correctly,
but that’s not always the fastest method.
You can edit the contents of a cell by
clicking in the Formula bar and making
the change there.
If you don’t want to have to retype the entry,
you can edit the existing entry by following
these steps:
Insertion Point
1. Double-click the cell, or press F2, to select
the cell in Edit mode. The insertion point
blinks inside the cell at the end of the entry
and the status bar indicates that you are in
Edit mode, as shown in Figure 1-17.
2. Use the arrow keys to place the insertion
point at the point of the error.
3. Type your changes in the cell. Don’t forget
to remove the incorrect data. Use Delete to
erase the characters to the right of the
insertion point and use Backspace to remove
the characters to the left.
4. Press Enter to accept the changes.
Edit Mode
Figure 1-17
Making a data entry correction in Excel.
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