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Moving and Copying Data
Moving and Copying Data
You’ve learned how to select your
data and how to edit it, but that’s not enough.
You also need to know how to move it. You can
do this using either a drag-and-drop method
with your mouse, or use the Windows Clipboard
to cut and paste your data.
3. Click and hold while you use the mouse to
drag the cells to the new destination (see
Figure 1-21) and release the mouse button
to accept the change.
Make sure that the cells you are moving
data into are empty. If your move will
overwrite existing data in the
destination cells, Excel will display an alert
message allowing you to cancel the
move before you delete your own data.
Figure 1-21
Moving a cell range using the drag-and-drop method.
Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
Cut and paste are often thought of as the
keyboard equivalent of the drag-and-drop method.
There are Ribbon command buttons for these
options, but once you are more comfortable
with their actions, you will probably use the
keyboard shortcuts more often.
Dragging and Dropping Data
You already experimented with dragging the
mouse earlier in this chapter as you practiced
selecting cells, but drag and drop can also be
used to move data from one location on your
spreadsheet to another.
1. Select the cells you want to move.
2. Move the mouse pointer to the highlighted
border of your selection. The mouse pointer
will change into a four-sided arrow.
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