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Moving and Copying Data
If you want to use the commands listed in Table
1-3 to move data from one location to a new
destination on your spreadsheet:
1. Select the data cells you want to move,
following the steps you learned in “Selecting
Cells on a Spreadsheet,” earlier in this chapter.
If you already entered y our data in a row
and wished you’d entered it in a column
instead (or vice versa ), you don’t have to
delete it and start over. Copy the data
and then select the destination cell and
choose Home > Clipboard > Paste (arrow).
Choose Transpos e (see Figure 1-23) and
Excel will reformat the data for you.
2. Press Ctrl+X. The data will be temporarily
surrounded by a marquee (which looks ants
marching around the cells), as in Figure 1-22.
3. Select the destination cell and press Ctrl+V
to move the data.
Figure 1-23
The Transpose feature will re-orient your data
from rows to columns, or the reverse.
Figure 1-22
A marquee appears around the outside border
of the cell range to be cut.
Table 1-3 Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste
Keystroke Shortcut
Ribbon Path
Home > Clipboard > Cut
Home > Clipboard > Copy
Home > Clipboard > Paste
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