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Working with Range Names
Finding Named Ranges
Excel provides two methods for finding your
named ranges in the spreadsheet:
Using the Name Manager
You’ve learned how to add new named ranges
using the Name box of your spreadsheet, but
Excel also provides a Name Manager feature
from the Ribbon. This tool offers you a way to
edit and delete existing named ranges, as well
as create new ones.
Choose Home > Editing > Find & Select >
Go To and select your desired name from
the list in the Go To dialog box (see Figure
Click the down arrow in the Name box of
the worksheet and select your desired
name from the list.
To edit or delete an existing name, choose
Formulas > Defined Names > Name Manager
from the Ribbon. Excel will display the Name
Manager dialog box shown in Figure 1-26. Select
the range name that you want to edit or delete
and click the appropriate button.
In either case, Excel immediately highlights the
selected cells, just as if you had selected them
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Figure 1-25
Using the Go To command to find a named range.
Figure 1-26
Use the Name Manager to add, edit,
or delete range names.
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