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Editing Formulas
Referenced Cells
3. You can edit a formula in one of two ways:
Drag the border around a referenced
cell and drop it on another cell to change
the cell reference in the formula.
Edit the formula by first moving the
insertion point, either by clicking
within the formula or by pressing
the left and right arrow keys. Press the
Backspace key to delete characters to
the left of the insertion point; press the
Delete key to delete characters to the
right. Type additional characters as
needed to correct the formula.
4. Press Enter to save your changes.
Figure 2-6
Cells referenced in a formula are surrounded by
colored borders that you can use to edit the formula.
To edit a formula quickly, double-click
the result cell. The formula appears in
the cell where you can edit it, rather than
moving the mouse pointer all the way up
to the Formula bar. When you
doubleclick a cell, the insertion point is placed
within the formula so you can
immediately begin editing right in the cell.
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