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Controlling Recalculation
Controlling Recalculation
When you press Enter after typing in a
formula, Excel automatically calculates the result.
If you change the values in any of the referenced
cells, Excel recalculates the result using the new
values. This automatic recalculation is one of the
things that make Excel so powerful. For example,
you could enter the starting budget amounts for
your department, and continue to make changes
to those values until you come up with a budget
total that’s both realistic and within company
Recalculate Entire
Recalculate Current
If you have a lot of formulas in your budget
worksheet however, you might not want to have
to wait for constant recalculations as you play
around with your budget amounts. To prevent
automatic recalculation, change to Manual mode
by clicking the Calculation Options button on
the Formulas tab, and selecting Manual from the
menu that appears (see Figure 2-7). After
changing to manual, click either the Calculate Sheet
button on the Formulas tab (to recalculate
formulas in the current worksheet) or Calculate Now
(to recalculate formulas in all open workbooks).
Figure 2-7
Control when formula results are calculated.
Some Features Affect
All Open Workbooks
When you change the calculation method,
you affect all open workbooks. For example,
if you click the Calculation Options button
on the Formulas tab and select Manual,
then all open workbooks will wait until
you tell them to recalculate by clicking the
Calculate Sheet or Calculate Now button,
or until you change the setting back to
Automatic calculation.
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