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Copying Formulas
Copying Values Instead
of Formulas
Formulas adjust automatically when you copy
them, but that may not be always what you want.
For example, suppose a worksheet contains last
year’s household budget versus actual expense
results, and you want to copy those values
elsewhere in the worksheet so you can plug in
estimated amounts for this year and analyze the
new results using the formulas you’ve already
created. Follow these steps:
1. Select the cell(s) containing the formula(s)
whose value(s) you want to copy. A dark
border appears around selected cells.
Figure 2-11
Excel offers various options for pasting
the results of your formulas.
2. Click the Copy button on the Home tab or
press Ctrl+C. The dark border changes to a
dashed “marching ants” border.
3. Select the cell(s) to which you want to copy
the formula result(s).
Notice in Figure 2-11 that as you slide
the mouse pointer over the palette menu
of Paste choices (the mouse pointer
currently rests on the Values & Source
Formatting choice) the result of that
choice is previewed on the worksheet in
the range F9:I21. The preview feature,
which works with all sorts of formatting
choices, allows you to preview your paste
4. Click the arrow on the Paste button on the
Home tab. On the palette menu that appears
(see Figure 2-11), select exactly what you
want to copy:
Values: Pastes the formula result
Values & Number Formatting: Pastes
the formula result and its number format
Values & Source Formatting: Pastes the
formula result, its number format, and
its cell formats
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