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Creating a Total with the SUM Function
Entering a SUM Function
with the Function Wizard
You can enter a function, even the SUM function,
by typing it into a cell, or by using the Function
wizard. Granted, with a function as simple as SUM,
you probably won’t bother using something as
handholding as a wizard. Still, it’s useful to know
how to use the Function wizard to enter any
function, even SUM. Follow these steps:
1. Click in the cell where you want the result
of the SUM function to appear.
2. Click the Insert Function button, located at
the left end of the Formula bar, as shown in
Figure 3-5. The Insert Function dialog box
appears (see Figure 3-5).
3. To locate the function you need, type a short
description of it in the Search For a Function
text box and click Go. For example, to locate
a function that adds a bunch of cells, type
add in the Search For a Function box and
click Go.
Instead of typing a description, you can
select a category such as Math & Trig to
narrow the list of functions. Open the Or Select
a Category list and select the category into
which you think your mystery function falls.
To enter a function you’ve used in the
worksheet recently, choose Most Recently Used
from the Or Select a Category list.
Finding the Right Function
One of the things the Insert Function dialog
box does for you is help you locate the
function you need. If you already have a good idea
of the kind of function you want, you can
click the button for the appropriate category
on the Formulas tab. For example, if you know
you’re looking for a text function, click the
Text button on the Formulas tab. A list of
text functions appears. In this case, we’re
trying to add the values in a range of cells, so
click the Math & Trig button on the Formulas
bar instead. As you highlight a function in
the list (such as the SUM function), a
ScreenTip appears, describing the function.
Click to insert the function and bring up the
Function wizard. Skip to Step 4 to continue.
Regardless of which method you choose here,
a list of matching functions appears in the
Select a Function box, as seen in Figure 3-5.
Insert Function
Figure 3-5
Use the Function wizard to insert a function.
To enter a function you’ve entered into
a worksheet recently, click the Recently
Used button on the Formulas bar and
select it from those listed.
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