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2. In the Name box at the left end of the formula bar, type V101LastWeek , and then
press Enter.
Excel creates a named range named V101LastWeek .
3. On the Formulas tab, in the Defined Names group, click Name Manager .
The Name Manager dialog box opens.
4. Click the V101LastWeek name.
The cell range to which the V101LastWeek name refers appears in the Refers To
box at the bottom of the Name Manager dialog box.
5. Edit the cell range in the Refers to box to =MilesLastWeek!$C$4:$H$4 (change
the G to an H ), and then click the check mark button to the left of the box to
finalize the update.
Excel changes the named range’s definition.
6. Click Close .
The Name Manager dialog box closes.
7. Select the cell range C5:H5 .
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