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8. On the Formulas tab, in the Defined Names group, click Define Name .
The New Name dialog box opens.
9. In the Name field, type V102LastWeek .
10. Verify that the definition in the Refers to field is =MilesLastWeek!$C$5:$H$5 .
11. Click OK .
Excel creates the name and closes the New Name dialog box.
CLEAN UP Save the VehicleMiles workbook, and then close it.
Creating Formulas to Calculate Values
After you add your data to a worksheet and define ranges to simplify data references,
you can create a formula, which is an expression that performs calculations on your data.
For example, you can calculate the total cost of a customer’s shipments, figure the
average number of packages for all Wednesdays in the month of January, or find
the highest and lowest daily package volumes for a week, month, or year.
To write an Excel formula, you begin the cell’s contents with an equal (=) sign; when Excel
sees it, it knows that the expression following it should be interpreted as a calculation,
not text. After the equal sign, type the formula. For example, you can find the sum of
the numbers in cells C2 and C3 by using the formula =C2+C3 . After you have entered a
formula into a cell, you can revise it by clicking the cell and then editing the formula in
the formula box. For example, you can change the preceding formula to =C3-C2 , which
calculates the difference between the contents of cells C2 and C3.
Troubleshooting If Excel treats your formula as text, make sure that you haven’t accidentally
put a space before the equal sign. Remember, the equal sign must be the first character!
Typing the cell references for 15 or 20 cells in a calculation would be tedious, but
Excel makes it easy to enter complex calculations. To create a new calculation, click
the Formulas tab, and then in the Function Library group, click Insert Function. The
Insert Function dialog box opens, with a list of functions, or predeined formulas,
from which you can choose.
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