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The following table describes some of the most useful functions in the list.
Finds the sum of the numbers in the specified cells
Finds the average of the numbers in the specified cells
Finds the number of entries in the specified cells
Finds the largest value in the specified cells
Finds the smallest value in the specified cells
Two other functions you might use are the NOW and PMT functions. The NOW
function displays the time Excel updated the workbook’s formulas, so the value will change
every time the workbook recalculates. The proper form for this function is =NOW() .
To update the value to the current date and time, just press the F9 key or display the
Formulas tab and then, in the Calculation group, click the Calculate Now button. You
could, for example, use the NOW function to calculate the elapsed time from when
you started a process to the present time.
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