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Most of the tools you need to change a cell’s format can be found on the Home tab. You
can apply the formatting represented on a button by selecting the cells you want to apply
the style to and then clicking that button. If you want to set your data labels apart by
making them appear bold, click the Bold button. If you have already made a cell’s
contents bold, selecting the cell and clicking the Bold button will remove the formatting.
Tip Deleting a cell’s contents doesn’t delete the cell’s formatting. To delete a selected cell’s
formatting, on the Home tab, in the Editing group, click the Clear button (which looks like an
eraser), and then click Clear Formats. Clicking Clear All from the same list will remove the cell’s
contents and formatting.
Buttons in the Home tab’s Font group that give you choices, such as Font Color, have
an arrow at the right edge of the button. Clicking the arrow displays a list of options
accessible for that button, such as the fonts available on your system or the colors you
can assign to a cell.
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