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One task you can’t perform by using the tools on the Home tab is to change the
standard font for a workbook, which is used in the Name box and on the formula bar. The
standard font when you install Excel is Calibri, a simple font that is easy to read on a
computer screen and on the printed page. If you want to choose another font, click the
File tab, and then click Options. On the General page of the Excel Options dialog box, set
the values in the Use This Font and Font Size list boxes to pick your new display font.
Important The new standard font doesn’t take effect until you exit Excel and restart the
In this exercise, you’ll emphasize a worksheet’s title by changing the format of cell data,
adding a border to a cell range, and then changing a cell range’s ill color. After those
tasks are complete, you’ll change the default font for the workbook.
SET UP You need the VehicleMileSummary_start workbook located in your
Chapter04 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Start Excel, open the
VehicleMileSummary_start workbook, and save it as VehicleMileSummary . Then
follow the steps.
1. Click cell D2 .
2. On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the Bold button.
Excel displays the cell’s contents in bold type.
3. In the Font group, click the Font Size arrow, and then in the list, click 18 .
Excel increases the size of the text in cell D2.
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