Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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14. On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click Cell Styles .
Your new style appears at the top of the gallery, in the Custom group.
15. Click the Crosstab Column Heading style.
Excel applies your new style to the selected cells.
CLEAN UP Save the HourlyExceptions workbook, and then close it.
Applying Workbook Themes and Excel Table Styles
Microsoft Office 2010 includes powerful design tools that enable you to create attractive,
professional documents quickly. The Excel product team implemented the new design
capabilities by defining workbook themes and Excel table styles. A theme is a way to
specify the fonts, colors, and graphic effects that appear in a workbook. Excel comes
with many themes installed.
To apply an existing workbook theme, display the Page Layout tab. Then, in the Themes
group, click Themes, and click the theme you want to apply to your workbook. By default,
Excel applies the Office theme to your workbooks.
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