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You can change a theme’s colors, fonts, and graphic effects by displaying the Page Layout
tab and then, in the Themes group, selecting new values from the Colors, Fonts, and
Effects lists. To save your changes as a new theme, display the Page Layout tab, and in the
Themes group, click Themes, and then click Save Current Theme. Use the controls in the
Save Current Theme dialog box that opens to record your theme for later use. Later, when
you click the Themes button, your custom theme will appear at the top of the gallery.
Tip When you save a theme, you save it as an Office Theme file. You can apply the theme to
other Office 2010 documents as well.
Just as you can define and apply themes to entire workbooks, you can apply and
define Excel table styles. You select an Excel table’s initial style when you create it;
to create a new style, display the Home tab, and in the Styles group, click Format As
Table. In the Format As Table gallery, click New Table Style to display the New Table
Quick Style dialog box.
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