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After you create a rule, you can change the format applied if the rule is true by clicking
the rule and then clicking the Edit Rule button to display the Edit Formatting Rule dialog
box. In that dialog box, click the Format button to display the Format Cells dialog box.
After you define your format, click OK to display the rule.
Important Excel doesn’t check to make sure that your conditions are logically consistent, so
you need to be sure that you plan and enter your conditions correctly.
Excel also enables you to create three other types of conditional formats: data bars,
color scales, and icon sets. Data bars summarize the relative magnitude of values in a
cell range by extending a band of color across the cell.
You can create two types of data bars in Excel 2010: solid ill and gradient ill. When
data bars were introduced in Excel 2007, they filled cells with a color band that decreased
in intensity as it moved across the cell. This gradient ill pattern made it a bit difficult to
determine the relative length of two data bars because the end points weren’t as distinct
as they would have been if the bars were a solid color. Excel 2010 enables you to choose
between a solid ill pattern, which makes the right edge of the bars easier to discern,
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