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19. Click OK .
The Less Than dialog box closes, and Excel displays the text in cell C15 in red.
CLEAN UP Save the Dashboard workbook, and then close it.
Adding Images to Worksheets
Establishing a strong corporate identity helps customers remember your organization
as well as the products and services you offer. Setting aside the obvious need for sound
management, two important physical attributes of a strong retail business are a
wellconceived shop space and an eye-catching, easy-to-remember logo. After you or your
graphic artist has created a logo, you should add the logo to all your documents, especially
any that might be seen by your customers. Not only does the logo mark the documents
as coming from your company but it also serves as an advertisement, encouraging anyone
who sees your worksheets to call or visit your company.
One way to add a picture to a worksheet is to display the Insert tab, and then in the
Illustrations group, click Picture. Clicking Picture displays the Insert Picture dialog box,
from which you can locate the picture you want to add from your hard disk. When you
insert a picture, the Picture Tools Format contextual tab appears on the ribbon. You can
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