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use the tools on the Format contextual tab to change the picture’s contrast, brightness,
and other attributes. With the controls in the Picture Styles group, you can place a
border around the picture, change the picture’s shape, or change a picture’s effects (such as
shadow, reflection, or three-dimensional effects). Other tools, found in the Arrange and
Size groups, enable you to rotate, reposition, and resize the picture.
You can also resize a picture by clicking it and then dragging one of the handles that
appears on the graphic. If you accidentally resize a graphic by dragging a handle, just
click the Undo button to remove your change.
Excel 2010 includes a new built-in capability that you can use to remove the background
of an image you insert into a workbook. To do so, click the image and then, on the Format
contextual tab of the ribbon, in the Adjust group, click Remove Background. When you do,
Excel attempts to identify the foreground and background of the image.
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