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You can drag the handles on the inner square of the background removal tool to change
how the tool analyzes the image. When you have adjusted the outline to identify
the elements of the image you want to keep, click the Keep Changes button on the
Background Removal contextual tab of the ribbon to complete the operation.
If you want to generate a repeating image in the background of a worksheet to form a
tiled pattern behind your worksheet’s data, you can display the Page Layout tab, and
then in the Page Setup group, click Background. In the Sheet Background dialog box,
click the image that you want to serve as the background pattern for your worksheet,
and click OK.
Tip To remove a background image from a worksheet, display the Page Layout tab, and then
in the Page Setup group, click Delete Background.
To achieve a watermark-type effect with words displayed behind the worksheet data, save
the watermark information as an image, and then use the image as the sheet background;
you could also insert the image in the header or footer, and then resize or scale it to
position the watermark information where you want it.
In this exercise, you’ll add an image to an existing worksheet, change its location on
the worksheet, reduce the size of the image, and then set another image as a repeating
background for the worksheet.
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