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7. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Sort & Filter , and then click Clear .
Excel clears all active filters but leaves the filter arrows in place.
8. Click the Route column header’s filter arrow, and then type RT9 in the Search box.
The filter list displays only those routes with an identifier that includes the characters
RT9 .
9. Click OK .
Excel applies the filter, displaying exceptions that occurred on routes with identifiers
that contain the string RT9 .
10. Click the MarchDailyCount sheet tab.
The MarchDailyCount worksheet appears.
11. Click any cell in the Excel table.
12. Click the Exceptions column filter arrow, point to Number Filters , and then click
Top 10 .
The Top 10 AutoFilter dialog box opens.
13. In the middle field, type 5 .
14. Click OK .
Excel displays the table rows that contain the five highest values in the Exceptions
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