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15. Click the Exceptions column filter arrow, and then click Clear Filter from “Exceptions” .
Excel removes the filter.
16. Click the Date column filter arrow, point to Date Filters , and then click Custom Filter .
The Custom AutoFilter dialog box opens.
17. In the upper-left list, click is after or equal to .
18. In the upper-right list, click 3/8/2010 .
19. In the lower-left list, click is before or equal to .
20. In the lower-right list, click 3/14/2010 .
21. Click OK .
Because you left the And option selected, Excel displays all table rows that contain
a date from 3/8/2010 to 3/14/2010, inclusive.
22. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Undo button to remove your filter.
Excel restores the table to its uniltered state.
CLEAN UP Save the PackageExceptions workbook, and then close it.
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