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In this exercise, you’ll create a data validation rule limiting the credit line of Consolidated
Messenger customers to $25,000, add an input message mentioning the limitation, and
then create an error message if someone enters a value greater than $25,000. After you
create your rule and messages, you’ll test them.
SET UP You need the Credit_start workbook located in your Chapter05 practice file
folder to complete this exercise. Open the Credit_start workbook, and save it as Credit .
Then follow the steps.
1. Select the cell range J4:J7 .
Cell J7 is currently blank, but you will add a value to it later in this exercise.
2. On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click Data Validation .
The Data Validation dialog box opens and displays the Settings page.
3. In the Allow list, click Whole Number .
Boxes labeled Minimum and Maximum appear below the Data box.
4. In the Data list, click less than or equal to .
The Minimum box disappears.
5. In the Maximum box, type 25000 .
6. Clear the Ignore blank check box.
7. Click the Input Message tab.
The Input Message page is displayed.
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