Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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14. Type 25001 , and press Enter.
A stop box with the title Error opens. Leaving the Error Message box blank in step
12 causes Excel to use its default message.
15. Click Cancel .
The error box closes.
Important Clicking Retry enables you to edit the bad value, whereas clicking Cancel
deletes the entry.
16. Click cell J7 .
Cell J7 becomes the active cell, and the ScreenTip reappears.
17. Type 25000 , and press Enter.
Excel accepts your input.
18. On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click the Data Validation arrow and
then, in the list, click Circle Invalid Data .
A red circle appears around the value in cell J4.
19. In the Data Validation list, click Clear Validation Circles .
The red circle around the value in cell K4 disappears.
CLEAN UP Save the Credit workbook, and then close it. If you are not continuing
directly to the next chapter, exit Excel.
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