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To Smallest. Clicking Sort Largest To Smallest makes Excel put the row with the highest
value in the Revenue column at the top of the worksheet and continue down to the
lowest value.
If you want to sort the rows in the opposite order, from the lowest revenue to the
highest, select the cells in the Revenue column and then, in the Sort & Filter list, click Sort
Smallest To Largest.
Tip The exact set of values that appears in the Sort & Filter list changes to reflect the data in
your column. If your column contains numerical values, you’ll see the options Sort Largest To
Smallest, Sort Smallest To Largest, and Custom List. If your column contains text values, the
options will be Sort A To Z (ascending order), Sort Z To A (descending order), and Custom List.
And if your column contains dates, you’ll see Sort Newest To Oldest, Sort Oldest To Newest,
and Custom List.
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