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3. Click OK .
The Subtotal dialog box closes. New rows appear with subtotals for package volume
during each year represented in the worksheet. The new rows are numbered 14 and
27. A row with the grand total of all rows also appears; that row is row 28. A new area
with outline bars and group-level indicators appears to the left of column A.
4. Click the row heading of row 5 , and drag to the row heading of row 7 .
Rows 5 through 7 are selected.
5. On the Data tab, in the Outline group, click Group .
Rows 5 through 7 are made into a new group. An outline bar appears on a new
level in the outline area, and a corresponding Level 4 button appears at the top of
the outline area.
6. In the outline area, click the Hide Detail button next to row 8 .
Rows 5 through 7 are hidden, and the Hide Detail button you clicked changes to a
Show Detail button.
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