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Tip When you display the New page of the Backstage view, you can also find templates and
other tools related to your job functions by clicking the More Templates folder at the bottom
of the Templates area of the page.
From the list of available templates, you can double-click the template you want to use
as the model for your workbook. Excel creates a new workbook (an .xlsx workbook file,
not an .xlst template file) with the template’s formatting and contents in place.
In addition to creating a workbook template, you can create a template to add as a
worksheet within an existing workbook. To create a worksheet template, design the worksheet
you want to use as a template, delete all the other worksheets in that workbook, and save
the single-sheet workbook as a template. You can then add a worksheet based on that
template to your workbook by right-clicking a sheet tab and then clicking Insert to display
the Insert dialog box.
The Insert dialog box splits its contents into two pages. The General page contains icons
you can click to insert a blank worksheet, a chart sheet, and any worksheet templates you
have created.
Tip The other two options on the General page, MS Excel 4.0 Macro and MS Excel 5.0 Dialog,
are there to help users integrate older Excel spreadsheet solutions into Excel 2010.
The Spreadsheet Solutions page contains a set of useful templates for a variety of financial
and personal tasks.
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