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3. If necessary, click the Plane Repair sheet tab to display the Plane Repair worksheet,
and then click cell C15 .
Excel sets the cell’s formula to =’[FleetOperatingCosts.xlsx]Plane Repair’!$C$15 .
4. Press Enter.
Excel displays the OperatingExpenseDashboard workbook; the value $2,410,871
appears in cell I6.
Tip Yes, cell C15 on the Plane Repair worksheet contains the wrong total for the
Airplane Fuel category; that’s why you replace it later in this exercise.
5. In the Switch Windows list, click FleetOperatingCosts .
The FleetOperatingCosts workbook is displayed.
6. Right-click the Plane Repair sheet tab, and then click Delete . In the message box
that appears, click Delete to confirm that you want to delete the worksheet.
Excel deletes the Plane Repair worksheet.
7. In the Switch Windows list, click OperatingExpenseDashboard .
The OperatingExpenseDashboard workbook is displayed, showing a #REF! error in
cell I6.
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