Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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12. In cell I6 , type = , but do not press Enter.
13. In the Switch Windows list, click FleetOperatingCosts .
The FleetOperatingCosts workbook is displayed.
14. Click the Plane Fuel sheet tab.
The Plane Fuel worksheet is displayed.
15. Click cell C15 , and then press Enter.
Excel displays the OperatingExpenseDashboard workbook with the value
$52,466,303 in cell I6.
CLEAN UP Save the OperatingExpenseDashboard and FleetOperatingCosts
workbooks, and then close them.
Consolidating Multiple Sets of Data into a Single
When you create a series of worksheets that contain similar data, perhaps by using
a template, you build a consistent set of workbooks in which data is stored in a
predictable place. For example, consider a workbook template that uses cell C5 to record
the number of calls received from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. by the Northeast
distribution center.
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