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10. Click OK .
Excel consolidates the JanuaryCalls and FebruaryCalls workbook data into the range
C5:O13 in the Consolidate workbook. You didn’t change the SUM operation in the
Function box, so the values in the Consolidate workbook are the sum of the other
workbooks’ values.
CLEAN UP Save the Consolidate, JanuaryCalls, and FebruaryCalls workbooks, and
then close them.
Grouping Multiple Sets of Data
When you work with Excel for a while, you’ll find that you often open a number of the
same workbooks at the same time. For instance, Lori Penor, the chief operating officer of
Consolidated Messenger, might always pull up a workbook that tracks labor costs at the
same time she opens the package volume summary workbook. She can open the
workbooks individually through the Open dialog box, but she can also group the files so that
she has the option of opening them all simultaneously.
If you want to open a set of files simultaneously, you can define them as part of a
workspace, which uses one file name to reference several workbooks. To define a workspace,
you open the files you want to include and then open the Save Workspace dialog box.
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