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Clicking the Add button displays the Add Scenario dialog box.
From within this dialog box, you can name the scenario and identify the cells for which
you want to define alternative values. After you click OK, a new dialog box opens with
spaces for you to type the new values.
Clicking OK returns you to the Scenario Manager dialog box. From there, clicking the Show
button replaces the values in the original worksheet with the alternative values you just
defined in the scenario. Any formulas referencing cells with changed values will recalculate
their results. You can then remove the scenario by clicking the Undo button on the Quick
Access Toolbar.
Important If you save and close a workbook while a scenario is in effect, those values become
the default values for the cells changed by the scenario! You should seriously consider creating
a scenario that contains the original values of the cells you change or creating a scenario
summary worksheet (a topic covered in the next section).
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