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In this exercise, you’ll create a scenario to measure the projected impact on total revenue
of a rate increase on two-day shipping.
SET UP You need the 2DayScenario_start workbook located in your Chapter08
practice file folder to complete this exercise. Start Excel, open the 2DayScenario_start
workbook, and save it as 2DayScenario . Then follow the steps.
1. On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click What-If Analysis and then, in the
list, click Scenario Manager .
The Scenario Manager dialog box opens.
2. Click Add .
The Add Scenario dialog box opens.
3. In the Scenario name field, type 2DayIncrease .
4. At the right edge of the Changing cells field, click the Collapse Dialog button so
the worksheet contents are visible.
The Add Scenario dialog box collapses.
5. In the worksheet, click cell C5 and then, in the Add Scenario dialog box, click the
Expand Dialog button.
$C$5 appears in the Changing Cells field, and the dialog box title changes to Edit
6. Click OK .
The Scenario Values dialog box opens.
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